This is where you can download sheet music, lyrics and recordings.

If you don’t read music, don’t worry! Our rehearsals and performances are tailored for all abilities, and many choir members don’t bother with music, but some of us like something to hide behind.

For copyright reasons, access to the scores is password-protected. If you need the password, send an email to or DM @nunheadchoir on Twitter, or send a personal Facebook message to one of the choir committee.

How to use the recordings:

Here is the ideal pattern: listen to the full recording once, so you hear everything in context, then listen to your part twice WITHOUT singing, but following the music, then two or three more times singing along with your part. You can also just have your part playing while you’re cooking, driving, in the bath, whatever – it’s ALL going in, believe me. Your brain will be leaping on patterns going ‘ah, heard this bit before’. If you do this BEFORE we cover it in rehearsal, it will make ALL the difference.

Click here to access the music…

Click here to access the Christmas music..

Christmas Songsheets ( Dec 2019)

10th Anniversary ideas September 2019

Choir Practice App Instructions (Feb 2020)