ChoirFest at the Ivy House

Thanks to everyone for another stonking rehearsal last night.  We’re all set for ChoirFest on Monday 24 March at the Ivy House, our very own community-owned pub in Stuart Road.

I believe there’s a children’s musical concert on prior to the Fest, but if everybody could get there by 7.15pm at the latest. We’ll do a warm-up, and then the evening’s fun will begin. Six local choirs are taking part, and we’re each singing three songs. There may be a singalong too, and it may be If You Don’t Know Me By Now, with the lovely Jim doing the David Brent bit solo.

I don’t think I’m giving anything away by letting you know our three songs:

If you haven’t been able to make it to the last two rehearsals, be warned that Richard has changed the ending of One Day Like This ever so slightly. Nothing to worry about, but you do need to watch Richard towards the end.

There will be prizes for the best jazz hands, etc, and it all looks set to be a brilliant night.



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