Lyrics and Arbonauts

Another lovely, lively rehearsal last night. We’re currently working on a new arrangement: Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon, by The Kinks. Click on the link for the lyrics.

Richard also debuted an idea for a kind of Toto mashup. This, apparently, doesn’t involve squishing Dorothy’s dog, but instead we’re going to combine the first half of Africa with Rosanna to create a poignant tale of longing with plenty of opportunity for grabbing the air, rock diva style (Claire is always happy to demonstrate).

The lovely people from Arbonauts also dropped by to talk about their next theatrical venture. Biped’s Monitor will be a surreal twilight experience, taking place in Nunhead Cemetery on 31st July – 4th August 2013. They’re looking for local singers to be part of the performance, creating a soundscape, and generally adding to the experience. The event will mark the opening of the Nunhead Festival, and it sounds like it could be fun. More information from

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