Rehearsal times

We’ve had some comments about rehearsal start and end times. We currently start at 8pm and finish at 9.45pm, but some choir members have asked to finish at 9.30pm instead.

We’re going to take a show of hands at this week’s rehearsal (Thursday 27 September, 8pm, Ivydale School), so please come along and tell us what you think! (and then sing for a bit…)

For those who would prefer to watch The Lovely Gareth Malone OBE teaching posties to sing instead, please leave us some feedback…

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  1. Sarah Slade says:

    Thanks Diana.

    We took a vote, and the majority of people who attended didn’t express a preference either way (!), so we decided to end rehearsals at 9.30pm anyway. The new rehearsal times are 8pm sharp – 9.30pm.

    Hope to see you soon!

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