Big Gig Weekend

Two gigs this weekend, and a chance for us to try out two new songs on a very appreciative audience.

picture of Nunhead Community Choir

Warming up at Nunhead Cemetery

First up was the Nunhead Cemetery Open Day, which is turning into a bit of a singoff between local choral groups. As well as sampling some excellent cake, the good people of Nunhead got to listen to The Strawberry Thieves   (my mum always likes a chance to sing The Internationale); the Raise the Roof choir, and The Other SE15 choir, Koruso. And us, of course.

Nunhead Community Choir at Dulwich Park

Singing our little hearts out at Dulwich Park Fair

Sunday saw us massing uncertainly by the cafe at Dulwich Park Fair, watching a marathon Zumba session on the stage and wondering how we were going to follow that.

Our songs seemed to go down very well with the crowd, and Richard’s piano battery only gave out in the dying chords of Don’t Stop Believing. Actually, we got quite a crowd towards the end of the set, but they may have been waiting for the moppet stage academy that was due to go on after us. Still, we sang, we got a lot of applause, and lots of smiles, and I’d like to hand over the cockney interjections in “Forget You” to another brave soul, please.

The arrangements for the Thursday 24 May concert are:

AddressSt Augustine Church, One Tree Hill Park, Honor Oak Park.

Doors open 7.00pm.

Starting time: 7.30pm. The choir doesn’t start singing until 9-ish, but as it’s billed as an Evening With The Nunhead Community Choir, it would be nice to get as many choir members there to watch the other acts. They’re really good, and it looks set to be a great evening.

There is  a bar and refreshments on site. Music will stop by 10.00pm, bar will close by 10.30pm.

Transport info: The 63 bus drops you off by the old Cemetery. Walk up the hill and turn left at the top. St Augustine’s is on the left, through a lovely woodland walk. You can also take the Overground/Southern Rail to Honor Oak Park and walk up from the station.

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